Psychometric 101

Do your Psychometric Assessments have the flexibility to fit my needs?


Yes, and in many ways. First, we offer a full range of assessments ranging from basic skills tests to personality and behavioral inventories and 360 degree feedback systems. You can implement any or all of the career assessments to achieve your specific objectives. Your Profiles' Client Service Executive will help you do this. And you can add additional assessments at any time. Our assessments share a common language and delivery platform, and scale effortlessly across your organization. Once you have selected the assessments that meet your needs, your Client Service Executive will help you fine tune these assessments to reflect your organization's unique jobs, structure, and culture. For example, the job matching feature of the ProfileXT enables you to identify the key attributes of high performers in a specific job, and then create a custom benchmark to evaluate prospective candidates and coach others to improve performance. Our process is truly remarkable and unmatched in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

    General Inquiries

  1. Which norm groups are used in your Psychometric Assessments? Where the assessment scores compared to other managers in the Middle East? UK? US? In same industry?

  2. Are your Psychometric Assessments validated in the UAE and Middle East?

  3. Can we link the competencies to our own competencies, i.e. upload them onto Profiles system?

  4. Can we do a team analysis using your Psychometric Assessments?

  5. Do the assessment reports provide us with probing questions to be used with the candidate during an interview?

  6. Do you plan to upgrade and/or add new Psychometric Assessment solutions to what you currently have?

  7. How Psychometric Assessments are administered?

  8. Do we have to install a software to use your Psychometric Assessments?

  9. What is the format/turn-around time of assessment reports?

  10. What type of Psychometric Assessment reports are available?

  11. Which cultures are your Psychometric Assessments suitable for?

  12. What type of job seekers are your Psychometric Assessments suitable for?

  13. Are the Psychometric Assessment questionnaires and reports available in Arabic?

  14. Can the Psychometric Assessment be adapted in any way?

  15. Are there any professional/scientific associations that endorses Profiles International?

  16. What is the capability of your assessment systems to be integrated with other HR system, security of various organizations?

  17. What is the usual downtime experienced with your servers - do they have the capability to support mass testing simultaneously?

  18. What are the logistical expenses to deploy the tests and ability to scale up for mass hiring?

  19. What inventory is being used for profiling the candidates' personality?

  20. Does Profiles system support in-house validity studies by the organizations?

    For Hiring Managers

  1. How will your Psychometric Assessments help me be more successful?

  2. How does the Psychometric Assessment process work?

  3. How do your Psychometric Assessments help me select the best people?

  4. How do your Psychometric Assessments help me develop my people?

  5. How easy is it for me to use your Psychometric Assessments? Will I require any specific training?

  6. When should I use Psychometric Assessments with my staff?

  7. How heavily will I need to rely on our HR department or outside psychologists?

  8. How much time is required for a candidate to complete your Psychometric Assessments?

  9. Will your Psychometric Assessments discourage good candidates from applying?

  10. Do I need to take the Psychometric Assessments?

  11. Are your Psychometric Assessments specific enough for my function and industry?

  12. Are your Psychometric Assessments relevant and credible to me and to my peers?

  13. Do your Psychometric Assessments have the flexibility to fit my needs?

  14. Do your Psychometric Assessments really predict success?

  15. How do we get started?

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