Get Started

Get Started

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It is easy...

to use Profiles products. Profiles assessment tools are easily accessible, easy to administer and use and the results are delivered directly to your mailbox!

On this page you can read more about how to get started.

Look around...

and find what you seek. Under "Solutions" you can read about the different tools. The description is very short and the subject very extensive, so please ask for additional material or contact us.

Who can help you...

with Profiles products? All our products are web-based and require that you are authorized to use them. Our partners are authorized and they are highly qualified in the HR area. You are always welcome to contact a Profiles partner at no cost - and of course you can contact Profiles directly.

If you buy...

through a Profiles partner you are sure to receive highly qualified advice from A to Z. Our partners can assist you with calculations of consequences, planning, setting up, and feedback - and of course you do not have to be certified in the products yourself.

If you want to do it yourself.

You can do it! Under Calendar you can always see when the next Certification program runs. The Profile XT lasts two days and the Checkpoint only one day - so you can get started quickly. Of course we also run in-house programs.



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Main Office:

Andalous St., Rajhi Bldg,
Penthouse, Jeddah
Saudi Arabia
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Profiles International Arabia
Regional Office:

Telephone: (+9662) 669 0877
P.O. Box: 14875, Jeddah 21434, Saudi Arabia.